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Australian Postcodes with Geocoding (updated 12 Jan 2009)

Orite has been involving in quite few projects that requires the Australian postcode database, and some even requires Geocoding (GPS coordinates) for mapping purpose. So we have written code to read data from the official AusPost Postcode Datafile and use GoogleMap API to find the coordinates and save to a csv file with 5 fields consists the suburb name, state, postcode, latitude, longtitude. We have recently updated this database accroding to the 12 Jan 2009 datafile released by AusPost, which are available for download in 7Zip compressed file, Australian Postcodes with Geocoding (183KB) If you found anything incorrect in this datafile, please post to let us know.
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  • David Head says:

    Thanks for your geocoded postcodes. The coordinates of the following are out of range and should be corrected to:

    5238,WALL FLAT,SA,-34.95,139.316667

    (Coordinates obtained from

    Also, I believe the coordinates of the Antarctic bases should be as follows:

    7151,MACQUARIE ISLAND,TAS,-54.5,158.95

    You can check the coordinates of these stations at the Antarctic web site:

    Thanks again,

    David Head
    In Sydney

  • James Leyden says:

    i’d like to use this postcode geocoding data in a paper i’m working on about stroke treatment in SA – population distances from treating hospitals…
    may i reference you?


    James Leyden
    In Adelaide

    • Frank Liu says:

      Hi James, it’s for sure, however this database hasn’t been updated for a while, if you having any issues, please let us know. We’ll be able to publish an updated database. cheers!

      • Jon says:

        Hi Frank,

        Thanks for this useful list. Do you have an updated copy? I am using it to calculate distances to weather monitoring stations from each suburb, and I noticed (by chance) that the odd suburb is missing (e.g. Syndal in Vic).



  • Andrew says:

    Thank you! Awesome work! No one else has provided as good a service as what you have done.

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