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Welcome to Orite Official Blog At the beginning of 2009,  we finally decided to trash our News & Events section on the Orite website and replace it with a wordpress blog, so it would no longer be out of maintenance, and all the Orite team members would have a place to post thoughts and ideas to share with the world. We were so focused on our web dev work and didn't bother blogging, the blog idea came back few days ago when the team is doing some major research work, we thought it'll be really useful to collect our thoughts via a blog, which not only records it in a written form but also highly accessible. As being an open source development team for quite few years, we were collecting others idea, now we'd like to share our own too. Hope this blog would be a good start. We'll be constantly posting official updates to our projects and work, and post any findings from our development team to discuss and share. Look forward to seeing you here soon.
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